CNYLawCenter-photoOpening the CNY Law Center in 1998, his goal has been to provide high quality representation to his clients, emphasizing an aggressive approach to client needs while offering counseling services to meet the specific needs of the client.

Since first representing clients in divorce actions in law school, Clifford Forstadt has had extensive experience in Family Court support, custody and visitation cases, as well as in uncontested and contested divorces on behalf of clients, ranging from those with considerable assets engaged in complex business and investment situations, to those with few assets and relatively simple financial situations. He has litigated emotionally-charged custody and visitation cases, as well as negotiated agreements which resolved what might have been prolonged, bitter battles.

He has used his experience in bankruptcy law practice to give clients a perspective on financial pitfalls which might otherwise go unnoticed. Likewise, his background in real estate law practice is useful in counseling clients whose cases involve the various aspects of property ownership.

The philosophy of the CNY Law Center is to resolve client problems in the most efficient, least burdensome way. Clifford Forstadt is aware of the tremendous emotional and financial strains which accompany divorce, custody support, and visitation cases, and his first priority is to guide his clients through the maze of court proceedings and applicable laws while achieving the best possible outcome.

Personalized legal services are emphasized at the CNY Law Center. Clients are not passed off to secretaries or legal assistants, as is common in very large firms, but rather individual contact with Clifford Forstadt is considered essential, not only for effective representation, but for the client’s peace of mind.

In today’s increasing complex society, attorneys must be familiar with a wide-ranging variety of areas of law. A divorce case, for example might involve questions of real estate, bankruptcy, and adoption law, as well as the economic and personal aspects of a divorce.

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